Health: Detox with Sonne's #7

October 07, 2019

Here at  Advanced Trichology, we have been using Sonne's #7 for years and through in-clinic analysis, we've discovered that approximately 88% of clients that went through the detox at the start of our hair growth program had better results at the end of the program than did the clients that did not start out with any kind of detox protocol.  
Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant, by Sonne’s Organic Foods, Inc., is an all-natural detoxification supplement derived from a rich volcanic clay known as Bentonite. Through a special process designed to isolate the detoxifying ingredient in Bentonite, Sonne’s #7 is able to absorb, or physically bind, positively charged substances in the body. According to the product website, the majority of metabolic, environmental, and chemical wastes that need to be eliminated from the body are indeed positively charged. The active ingredient in Sonne’s #7 is not digested, and so it is excreted from the body, along with the bound toxins. #7 Detoxificant is a part of Sonne’s 7 Day Cleansing Program Kit.
Ingredients At A Glance
Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant contains Bentonite, the mineral-rich volcanic clay mentioned above. However, through a refining process that removes mica, dirt, and impurities, Bentonite is reduced to its active detoxifying ingredient, Montmorillonite. This refining process is “exclusive and secret,” according to the product website. The description simply indicates that, when it’s all said and done, the purified Montmorillonite is put in a liquid colloidal-gel state, sterilized, and subjected to lab tests that ensure it is suitable for consumption. As an indication of the absorptive powers of Bentonite/Montmorillonite, Sonne’s only packages their #7 Detoxificant in glass bottles, as the Montmorillonite can leach petrochemicals from plastic bottles. Consumers ought to be wary of any other Bentonite detoxification products that are packaged in plastic.