Meet Advanced Trichology Founder William Gaunitz, WTS

Certified trichologist William Gaunitz, WTS is the founder of Advanced Trichology. A leader in the hair loss and regrowth space, Gaunitz spent over 20 years doing extensive research, trial and error, and going back to the drawing board. The culmination of his findings was that there are three core reasons for hair loss: hormonal (DHT), nutritional and inflammatory.

William has helped thousands of people in his clinics and One-to-One. Based in Tempe Arizona, he personally coaches celebrities and sport figures to advance their hair and health. Currently he is very active as the CEO of the Evolution Companies and head of Research and Developement.

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This is William Gaunitz's real hair loss to hair growth story...


International Association of Trichology

Ladon, England


BME Electronics - microscopic scalp analysis

Bordeaux, France


Multi-Therapy Low Level Laser Therapy Training

Perth, Australia


Provided clinical testing and all clinical data in the development of the Erchonia Medical THL-1   Handheld Laser

Phoenix, Arizona


Featured in Phoenix Magazine's Top Docs Issue

Phoenix, Arizona


Certified Trichologist with World Trichology Society under Dr. David Kingsley PhD

New York, NY



New York, NY


World Trichology Society Professor

New York, NY

I Started to lose
my hair at 17 years old.

My father had lost his hair very young and my grandfather before him. When I was a child, I was always told that hair loss comes from your mother's side of the family. On my mother's side, everyone had hair, so I thought I had nothing to worry about. But by the age of 17, I noticed hair coming out fast and started to panic.

At first I tried Rogaine.

At the time, I was going to military school and I had friends in my platoon were using it. Rogaine was apparently only supposed work for the crown area where I was losing my hair. I knew that once you started Rogaine, you were required to use it for life. Per the clinical studies if you stop using the product, all of the hair you grow will fall out anyway. I said screw it and read the instructions: apply two times daily to the affected area. Allow at least six months to see results. I did exactly that and decided to relax awhile.

Six months later, it seemed like it was working. Despite the fact that my hair looked greasy from the twice-daily applications, my hair had almost stopped falling out.

Another six months passed
and my hair had definitely
stopped falling out

I did see some new hair but they were very small, like peach fuzz. That was enough for me, I thought. "I'm not going to be bald after all." With only a small thin spot on the back of my head, I was happy and stopped worrying. After a couple more months, I began to gradually stop using the Rogaine and my hair remained the same for two more years.

Hair loss started again, this time it was back with a vengeance. I was 21 years old and had just started a new job that brought high pay, increased hours, and a spike in my stress level. Four months into my new job, I began to lose my hair again fast from the same spot on the crown.

I immediately began to use Rogaine again. But after six months, I actually began to lose more hair than ever. My scalp became dry and itchy and I noticed that my hair was getting lighter. My hair was losing its color so bad that it was nearly grey in some areas. This was not good and I called a dermatologist.

Upon on my first visit, I was told everything was going to be fine. I was put on, a then, new hair loss drug called Propecia. Again, I believed I was going keep my hair. I was told to stay on the drug for at least one year before expecting to see any results. I was using Rogaine and Propecia and thought this tag team approach would definitely work.

Weeks passed. Then months. Still nothing happened. My hair loss was rapidly increasing, moving toward the front of my scalp. By this time, my hair was looking thin at 22 years old. I changed my hair style to compensate for the big thin spots and started to do a modified comb-over. Literally, I sank into a depression.

I became obsessed with my hair. I tried every highly publicized hair loss remedy on the market. Propecia, Rogaine, Kevis, Nioxin, Nisim, Shin Min, mega doses of Biotin, tar shampoos, special vitamins, cleansing shampoos, and even a laser comb. None of these did anything for me, but eat up my savings.

I now considered surgery. I went for a consultation with the hair restoration surgeon who did my father's hair transplants. They told me I was too young and to come back when I lost more hair. I was freaking out because I knew I would be completely bald by 25, if I didn't do something drastic.


After more research I began reading about something called Low Level Laser Therapy on the Internet. It was interesting and I desperately tried to find a place in Arizona that had it. Finally, my father had seen news story on a new Laser Treatment for hair loss in Arizona. In March, 2002, I visited this local center and paid thousands of dollars for the new treatment even though there were no guarantees. I no longer cared about the cost. I would have cut off my pinky finger to get results.

Drastic worked. After one month, something started to happen. Where I once had pain and itching, a warm sensation took over and it felt like my scalp was healing. At two months, my hair loss stopped. Three months into the treatment, new hair began to emerge for the first time in four years. 6 months later, I had regrown almost 60% of the hair I lost.

At this point, I knew too much to go back. I had been researching hair loss for 2 years. I had tried all the mainstream products and knew exactly why they were supposed to work. I began to believe that if you put the right combination of effective products together in conjunction with laser you could probably get even better results.

I quit my job and I began to create a completely new laser clinic concept. I went to Europe and Australia. I had saved some money from my last job and took on a large loan. This allowed me to travel to the source of this laser technology that had saved my hair. In London, I trained was in Trichology (a science that is not recognized in the US, but is a specialized science of the hair and scalp; In Bordeaux, France I trained on microscopic scalp analysis; and in Western Australia with Innovative Hair Loss Solutions, I trained on how to diagnose and treat hair pattern loss with a laser, prescriptions and scalp massage pioneered by Debra Best. When I returned home, I took it two steps further with supplementation and detoxification of the body that I had learned from my own experience.

As a trained trichologist with great success in January of 2003, I opened my first clinic in North Phoenix.

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