Meet Advanced Trichology Founder William Gaunitz, WTS

Certified trichologist William Gaunitz, WTS is the founder of Advanced Trichology. A leader in the hair loss and regrowth space.

Gaunitz spent over 20 years doing extensive research, trial and error, and going back to the drawing board. The culmination of his findings was that there are three core reasons for hair loss: hormonal (DHT), nutritional and inflammatory.

William has helped thousands of people in his clinics and One-to-One. Based in Tempe Arizona, he personally coaches celebrities and sports figures to advance their hair and health. Currently, he is very active as the CEO of the Evolution Companies and head of Research and Development.

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This is William Gaunitz's real hair loss to hair growth story

I started to lose my hair at 17 years old

Gaunitz created the Gaunitz Trichology Method to ensure clients could maximize the outcomes of their treatment:

  1. Take the carefully designed quiz to determine the root cause for hair loss.
  2. Receive a custom solution to your hair loss featuring a collection of Advanced Trichology products made with quality, hand-picked ingredients.
  3. Watch as your luscious locks return in as little as three months.

At first, I tried Rogaine

Throughout his career, William Gaunitz, WTS, has helped thousands of clients successfully regrow their hair, and therefore restore their confidence. He’s worked with everyone from your next-door neighbors to celebrities to professional athletes and welcomes anyone experiencing hair loss to try the Gaunitz Trichology Method.

TRICHOLOGIST & HAIR REGROWTH GURU William Gaunitz's Personal Hair Loss & Regrowth Journey Hair loss as a teenager My father and grandfather both began losing their hair noticeably young. When I was a child, I was always told that hair loss comes from your mother's side of the family. Everyone on her side of the family had full heads of hair, so I thought I had nothing to worry about. By the age of 17, I realized that was not the case for me and panicked as my hair began falling out at a rapid rate.

A cocktail of solutions

I attended military school and friends in my platoon were using a popular product for hair growth at the time. Desperate times call for trying anything to I read the clinical studies (that said if you stop using the product, all of the hair you grow will fall out anyway), then the instructions that encouraged users to allow six months to see results. Following the direction to a T, though my hair looked greasy from the twice-daily applications, my hair almost stopped falling out in the time frame suggested.

Short-lived success At 21, the loss reappeared, this time with a vengeance. A new job opportunity brought new experiences and higher pay that also came with increased hours and a spike in stress levels. It took only four months of being at my new job to undo the two years of growth, especially on the crown of my head.

Using the same remedy didn’t work – six months later I was losing more hair than ever, and now had a dry and itchy scalp. To add insult to injury – at just 21 years old my hair was losing its color so bad that it was nearly grey in some areas.

I called a dermatologist immediately and upon my first visit was told everything was going to be fine. The doctor determined I qualified for a new hair loss drug that I paired with my original solution thinking this was a no-brainer – my hair wasn’t going anywhere. The opposite happened.

The doctor determined I qualified for a new hair loss drug that I paired with my original solution thinking this was a no-brainer – my hair wasn’t going anywhere. The opposite happened.

Now at 22 years old, the loss was moving toward the front of my scalp and my self-esteem was diminishing - I changed my hairstyle to compensate for the big thin spots and started to do a modified comb-over. Literally, I sank into a depression.

I spent most of my savings on any hair loss remedy on the market -from topical creams to vitamins to OTC laser combs. I even went to a hair restoration surgeon who told me I was too young to qualify for a hair transplant, claiming I hadn’t lost enough hair.

It finally happened.

A new treatment, Low Level Laser Therapy, sounded interesting and promising. I was determined to find a local practice in Arizona that offered it. In March 2002, I went to a clinic and paid thousands of dollars in a last-ditch effort to keep my hair. The money didn’t matter at this point – I would have cut off my pinky finger for positive results.

As the months passed, my scalp began healing, the loss stopped and 90 days later, new hair emerged from my scalp for the first time in over four years. Six months later, 60% of the hair I lost was restored.

A fascination with science, an obsession with my hair, and a desire to know more about the scalp and hair regrowth led me to quit my job and create a completely new laser clinic concept.

I studied in Europe and Australia, then in London, I was trained in trichology (a specialized science of the hair and scalp). In Bordeaux, France, I learned about microscopic scalp analysis; and in Western Australia with Innovative Hair Loss Solutions, I trained on how to diagnose and treat hair pattern loss with a laser, prescriptions and scalp massage pioneered by Debra Best.

When I returned home, I took it two steps further with supplementation and detoxification of the body that I had learned from my own experience.

In January 2003 I opened my first hair loss clinic in North Phoenix, AZ, and never looked back.

Today, Advanced Trichology is a globally recognized brand and has successfully helped millions overcome hair loss.