5 Things to Know About Hair Removal

October 29, 2021

The actual season of summer has come and gone, though here in California, the vibe of it still lives on. Our friends in New York may be hiding in chunky sweaters and leggings, but it’s shorts and tanks for us!


While we tend to focus on regrowing hair you lost on your head, Martha Stewart Living was thrilled at the chance to talk to Advanced Trichology founder, certified trichologist William Gaunitz, FWTS, about hair loss and regrowth in regard to shaving and waxing areas.


Here are a few things to keep in mind about hair removal:


  • Waxing can make hair regrow thinner and sparser over time. Every time you pull out a hair follicle it creates a level of damage and inflammation that will repeatedly reduce the size in volume of the hair over time.


  • Shaving simply trims hair at the surface of the skin and has no impact on the actual hair growth process at all.


  • When you pull out an actively growing hair it typically takes around 90-120 days for it to repair itself and regrow. So, if you typically wax every 90 days you would be reducing the overall quantity of hair at its maximum speed.


  • Shaving has no long-term impact on volume and density over time. When people like to tell you that shaving increases density you can tell them that’s a myth. It is physically impossible for shaving to increase or change the density of the hair follicles.


  • Regardless of which hair removal option you choose, be sure to ensure safety with clean tools and environments, and aftercare.


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