Eucalyptus and Your Scalp

October 13, 2021

Whether it’s food, skincare, or haircare, ingredients in their most natural form are usually best. An up-and-coming one that William Gaunitz, FWTS, spoke with The Zoe Report about is eucalyptus.


While it’s been used in products for many years already, it’s becoming more mainstream thanks to its antimicrobial, hydrating, astringent, and protective properties.


When used on the scalp, eucalyptus may decrease the Demodex parasite, bad bacteria, and dandruff while also promoting healthy hair growth.


It’s important to note that it should be diluted with oil, like coconut, before applying directly to the scalp as it can cause extreme dryness. Alternatively, you can add it to your shampoo or conditioner in the shower.


Any powerful astringent oil should be rotated or combined with another type of naturally astringent oil to make sure that scalp microbials are not going to build a tolerance to it. When dealing with a bacterial or fungal overgrowth on the scalp it should be rotated with something like Neem oil or Tea tree oil or Castor oil to create a well-rounded defense for a healthy scalp, especially when trying to regrow hair.


Great examples of this type of rotation are Advanced Trichology’s PM Formula - 5% Minoxidil with Retinoic Acid and Advanced Trichology’s PMb Formula - 5% Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid.


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