Cold Showers, Yay or Nay?

October 07, 2021

When we think of scalp and hair health a lot of the time it’s all about products, treatments, and nutrition. Though there’s one thing at home that can play a big role in hair loss prevention and positive scalp health that you may not be doing.


Can you guess what Advanced Trichology founder and certified trichologist William Gauntiz, WTS, talked with The Healthy about?


Cold showers! Brr, did you just shiver too?

First, let’s talk about the damage that excessively hot showers daily can cause.

  1. Strips the natural healthful oils from the scalp
  2. Aggravates inflammatory conditions
  3. Increases the absorption of unfavorable chemicals from shampoos and conditioners


You may feel warm and cozy, but we here at Advanced Trichology can assure you your scalp is not having a good time.


Your skin and scalp have an inherent natural balance of oil and microorganisms. When those are removed on a daily regular basis with ware and extreme heat, the scalp can become unbalanced which causes problems such as being:


  • A host for fungus and bacteria that likes a warm wet environment, can
  • Dry and irritated
  • Increasingly inflamed, aggravating scalp conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis.


Any inflammation can lead to excessive hair loss and create a downward spiral for trying to regain hair.

So, why is a short, colder shower ideal for hair and scalp health?


William Gaunitz, WTS, shared that it would allow for protection against inflammation, maintain your natural oil and microorganism equilibrium for skin and scalp balance, and in turn, help prevent hair loss.


If you are experiencing hair loss, head over to to take our quiz that will determine the best treatment options for you.


And we beg of you, please lower the temperature of your showers.