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Cause of Male Hair Loss


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The Three Reasons Behind Hair Loss

DHT hair loss

Hormonal (DHT) Hair Loss

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Hormones are important chemical messengers that travel through the bloodstream. An imbalance in testosterone levels for men, and an imbalance in estrogen and progestrone levels for women, can seriously affect hair loss.

In both cases, the primary issue is a person's genetic sensitivity to di-hydro-testosterone (DHT)...


Nutritional Hair Loss

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Another reason for experiencing hair loss is a lack of approprite nutritional intake. This can occur when the body is deficient on vitamins and minerals and is not in proper condition to maintain a healthy scalp.

The two most important nutrients needed for proper hair growth are vitamin D3 and Ferritin.

nutritional hair loss
inflammatory hair loss

Inflammatory Hair Loss

inflammatory hair loss

The third and final reason for hair loss is related to the presence of inflammation in the body and in the scalp.

Stress, for example, not only impacts us on an emotional level but on a physical one too. By creating excessive inflammation in the body, hair loss can occur and as well as a general weakening of the immune system.


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