5 Ways to Maintain Regular Hair Growth

June 07, 2022

There is no Miracle-Gro product for your hair, though there are ways you can maintain steady growth.


Hair grows at a rate of approximately 1 cm a month, and that is largely defined by genetics. For any given person it can be a little more, or a little less.


We repeat, there is no singular product or action to take that will suddenly give you flowing, strong locks.


There are many steps to take to maintain regular hair growth and certified trichologist and Advanced Trichology founder, William Gaunitz, FWTS, has shared five important ones:


Healthy Diet – A healthy diet is ultimately one of the best things you can do for your entire body to function at its highest level. Two key ingredients that support hair growth include:


Red Meat - Ferritin which is your iron storage protein is required at certain levels in your blood to make sure that your hair is growing at full speed as well. Due to a trend in less red meat in someone’s diet, there are more and more people who are low in ferritin and need to get their iron stores up to get their hair growing at full speed. Red meat is the most effective thing to consume to increase healthy iron levels.

Eat Healthy Fats like Avocado Oil or Olive Oil - Getting higher levels of plant-based omegas can decrease inflammation of the scalp. By consuming at least 2 tablespoons of raw healthy plant oils per day you can encourage lesser inflammation thus improving hair growth.


Castor Oil - Castor oil massage into the scalp and wrapped in a warm moist towel for one hour, twice-weekly will detoxify the scalp, improve moisture, and stabilize any fungal or bacterial overgrowth. This can improve hair growth speeds slightly if any of those are problematic.


Apply Essential Oils to the Scalp - Certain essential oils like rosemary, lavender, wild red thyme, and tea tree oil can decrease inflammation, and kill unhealthy bacteria, fungus, and parasites thus improving hair growth on the scalp.


Utilize Supplements – The following will help keep key hair nutrients (zinc, ferritin, iron, folate, and vitamin D3) at optimal levels:


FoliGROWTH - This product was specifically designed to make sure that all items needed for nutritional hair growth are provided in equal and ample supply for the average individual to grow their hair at maximum capacity. There are also some anti-inflammatory herbs.

Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 is critical for many things including your hair growth. It is a hormone and must be a minimum of 50ng per milliliter in your blood for you to be growing hair at maximum speed.


Low-Level Laser Therapy - Low-level laser light has been clinically proven to improve the width and diameter of the hair shaft over 90 days by 48%. This is one of the most sure-fire ways to have speeding hair growth when you have all of the appropriate nutrition already in your bloodstream.


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