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FoliGROWTH Ultimate Hair Growth Vitamin - high potency Biotin, Folic Acid, 28 herbs & vitamins


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Clinically Designed to Support Hair Regrowth with All Essential Vitamins and Minerals

The FoliGROWTH Vitamin is more than just anti-aging Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamin. Many people use prenatal vitamins, biotin, or folic acid with some success. But the Advanced Trichology Foli-Growth Vitamin brings a combination of 28 powerful herbs and vitamins to create the ultimate foundation for maximum hair growth.

Key Ingredients & Hair Stimulation Benefits 
  • Biotin - Skin and Hair 
  • R- Lipoic Acid - Liver Health 
  • Vitamin C - Immune System 
  • Opti MSM - Immune and Hair Growth 
  • Vitamin B12 - Energy and Hair Growth 
  • PABA - Growth for Hair and Nails 
  • Fo-Ti - Hair Growth and Liver Support 
  • Iodine - Thyroid Support 
  • Zinc - Reduce Inflammation for Hair Follicles 
  • Iron - treat Iron deficiencies 
  • Vitamin D - Skin, Hair, and Immunity 
  • Choline - Liver support and hair growth
  • Pine Bark Extract -anti-aging and scalp support


Why Use the FoliGrowth Ultra Hair Growth Vitamin?

EXPERTLY Designed to Reduce Shedding and Restore optimal Hair Growth and Fullness to hair. Ideal for both men and women with: • Thinning and Fine Hair • Hair Breakage • Dandruff • Hair Loss • Scalp irritation

EFFECTIVELY Fights hair loss with powerful 26 herbs and vitamins for both Men and Women.

INCLUDES high potency 5000 mcgs Biotin, Folic Acid, and Foli-GrowthTM Ultra Hair Proprietary Blend 785mgs * (Inositol, PABA, Opti MSM L-Cysteine (as L-Cysteine HCl), Foti Root, Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins), Choline (from Choline Bitartrate), Hyaluronic Acid (from Sodium Hyaluronate), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Bamboo Extract (70% silica)

Trichologist Approved and Formulated. 120 Day Full 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE from date of purchase

QUALITY GUARANTEED: Clinically Tested and Proven Effective by Evolution Hair Loss Institute. Manufactured in a GMPc and FDA Approved Facility. FoliGrowth Vitamin is


Directions for use:
Take two (2) capsules in the morning with food and take one (1) capsule in the evening with food. This bottle contains 90 capsules that is designed to last 30 days.

Gluten-Free - Dairy-Free - Wheat-Free


Vitamin A 2500ius, Vitamin C 250mg, Vitamin D3 2000iu, Vitamin E 70 ius, Thiamine 30mgs, Riboflavin 50mgs, Niacin 30mg, Vitamin B6 50mgs, Folate 800mcg, Vitamin B12 100mcg, Biotin 5000mcg, Pantothenic Acid 300mgs, Iron 10mg, Iodine 150mcg, Selenium 100mcg, Manganese 5mg

Foli-GROWTH Ultra Hair Proprietary Blend 785mgs* PABA, R- Lipoic Acid, Institol, Opti MSM®, Fo-Ti Root, Saw Palmetto Extract (45% fatty acids), Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins), Bamboo Extract (70% silica), L - Cysteine (as L-Cysteine HCL), Hyaluronic Acid (from Sodium Hyaluronate), Choline (from Choline Bitartrate). Other ingredients: White Stoned Rice Flour

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews

IT WORKS I been taking the pills since November 2018, I'm taking these pills forever

As promised it works

Hi guys it’s been 14days I am taking this tablet they are really working I can feel small hair growth on my front as well as back potion of my head ! With this product I am also using DHT blocker from same company they are working good! Will definitely recommend for people who have lost their hair vary much with this I am also eating vitamin D3 supplies too !

Great product

I have been experiencing a lot of hair loss in my day to day life and this product has really helped to slow that down and almost eliminate it completely. I can tell that my hair is thicker than ever and I can style it easier, as there is less thinning in my hair.

I'm love it

Este sería mi segundo frasco, anteriormente ya lo había utilizado y la verdad es que si funciona te ayuda a tener un cabello más sano y sobre todo estimula el crecimiento, Cuando comencé a tomar el primer frasco tenia mi cabello a mitad de mi cuello, ahorita ya lo tengo a los hombros

seems good

i got to know about Foligrowth few days ago and i thought about trying it, so ordered it online. i have just started using this fewdays ago so its very early to see the results but it looks like its gonna work. i am happy with packging and fast shipping..

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