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“I had been wearing a hat and it was very uncomfortable. And then with Advanced Trichology I grew tons of new hair. Tons. I couldn’t believe it.” – Alicia

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“As a women your hair is just so and I got really depressed and Advanced Trichology saved me.” – Aubrie McCall

Zonal Loss: Zone 1™️ Zone 2™️ Zone 3™️
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“I was telling myself, ‘I don’t think my hair is going to grow back’ but then I tried Advanced Trichology and it did. If you’re thinking about it, definitely come to Advanced Trichology” – Nicolette Grooms

Zonal Loss: Zone 1™️ Zone 2™️ Zone 3™️
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“I’m happy with my experience. It worked really well for me.” – JD

Zonal Loss: Zone 1™️
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5 Minutes for a Truly Personalized Zone Hair Growth Plan

There Are Three Reasons for Hair Loss

Introducing the Zone Method of Hair Loss

There are three distinct underlying causes of hair loss -

Hormonal Hair Loss, Nutritional Hair Loss, and Inflammatory Hair Loss.

There are three distinct underlying causes of hair loss - Hormonal Hair Loss, Nutritional Hair Loss and Inflammatory Hair Loss.

Three reasons explanation

Three Steps to Regrowing Your Hair

Step 1: Identify Your Reason for Hair Loss
Zone Hair Pull Test

Take the Zone Hair Pull Test™

Simple Self Assessment

DHT related hair loss is caused exclusively genetic predisposition to have DHT binding to the hair follicle hormonal receptor at age or physiological trigger. This type of hair loss only happens on the top of the scalp.

Step 2: Confirm Your Reason for Hair Loss
Blood Test by Zone™

Blood Test by Zone™

Confirm your Hair Pull Test results

Once you know the likely cause of your hair loss after self-administering a Zone Hair Pull Test™ you might want to confirm this result using blood test. Advanced Trichology offers these blood tests that will identify the key biomarkers for each zone of hair loss.

Step 3: Address Your Reason for Hair Loss
Products for zone
Start a Regimen with Confidence

Take Products for Your Zone of Loss

Depending on the type of hair loss a custom protocol is developed and recommended. This typically includes a regimen of supplements critical to healthy hair growth.

Zone 1™️


DHT related hair loss is caused exclusively genetic predisposition to have DHT binding to the hair follicle hormonal receptor at age or physiological trigger. This type of hair loss only happens on the top of the scalp.

DHT & NutraM
Zone 2™️


Nutritional hair loss is caused exclusively by five key nutrients being less than optimal in your blood. Zinc, iron, Ferritin, folate, vitamin D3 all must be in the optimal range in your blood for your hair to grow at 100% capacity. Optimal range is different than your standard medical range and will not typically show up on standard blood tests.

Foligrowth & Ferratin
Zone 3™️


Inflammatory hair loss is typically associated with whole-body low grade inflammation caused by environmental, dietary (nutrition or prescription medication), gastro-intestinal, stress or auto-immune factors. This is the fastest growing cause of hair loss over the past 10 years. This type of hair loss can cause a general thinning throughout the scalp (diffuse thinning) or a concentrated loss around the nape of the neck or other specific areas of the scalp depending on your specific condition and genetics.

EFA Complete

Determine Your Underlying Reasons for Hair Loss

It takes 2 minutes

Take the Zone Hair Pull Test™

Take our proprietary quiz and discover what kind of hair loss you have. We’ll tell you about the core drivers of your hair loss and what products we would recommend to correct and reverse the hair loss.

The First and Only Nutraceutical Brand Accepted by the American Hair Loss Association.

The American Hair Loss Association is the oldest national nonprofit consumer advocacy group dedicated to educating the public about the emotionally devastating condition of alopecia (hair loss). For over 20 years, the AHLA has supported ongoing research and been dedicated to increasing awareness in the medical community. The AHLA is the industry’s leading consumer advocacy group and the most trusted name in hair loss. Advanced Trichology is proud to carry the AHLA seal, widely considered the gold standard in the hair loss industry.

“Advanced Trichology has a proven commitment to in-clinic research, customer care and quality. Advanced Trichology is the first dietary supplement brand to be awarded the American Hair Loss Association’s Trusted Brand status.”

90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

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I love the idea of melatonin for hair growth, but I haven't seen any results. My age may play a factor in the lack of results, but to be fair, I think one month is not long enough to see a difference.

I actually haven't used it yet. I just finished the last of the DHT Blocker pills. (Those did absolutely nothing by the way.) Tomorrow I will start this bottle of Foligrowth. Reason why I gave it 3 stars is mainly because the pills smells bad! It smells like a freshly opened packet of honey glazed ham! No joke! Hopefully this Foligrowth pills will regrow my hair as least a bit. But I doubt it.

It's only been 2 months, i havent seen any thing yet, so i can't realy give a review. but there is a time when you have to say i cant spend the money on this, ill give it one more month and get back to you.

Way way less hair in my sink!!!! AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!

That's a great vitamins my hair start growing back

The Nutri M has made my hair feel and look more full. I haven’t been using it for a long time but I’ve been impressed with the early results.

Have used this product for a month. Can tell a huge difference in the health of my hair as well as the fact that I am hardly shedding at all anymore.

I am loving this product and results that I am receiving are amazing
Thanks for the amazing service

Seems like a good product reasonably priced when they have their specials I've noticed my hair is thickened up I've been using it about 60 days

been using this product for months and can clearly see thickening of the hair in a previously thinning area. i will remain a paying customer as it works for me !!

So far the DHT blocker is doing what I need. I can tell the thickness in my hair has returned. Once I get the money to purchase the full group of items and put them together I know it will be better but as of now prices are high and I need the whole set to get the full experience of my hair journey. Yet totally amazing how DHT made a difference thank you will give another review later thank you again

I have been using this for about 2 months and I can't believe how much my hair has grown and is so much healthier!

Love this company!!!!
Love their products!!!!!
My hair has never grown so much !!!!

Hey everyone. Well, currently I’m not using the product anymore but I do believe it works. I just used it for two months and I saw some changes close to my forehead. The process is slow but it works. I do recommend it.

Absolutely wonderful!!!

After just 4 months i have sprouts my hair is filling back in and my energy is up.. Thank you so much for a product that really works

I love how I can apply this serum before bed and I do not wake up with an oily look at all. I have been applying it to my eyebrows as well and my eyebrows are now thicker than they were in my 30's (I'm almost 50!). I have also noticed that it is keeping the skin on my scalp healthier. I definitely recommend this serum for new hair growth!

This product has been a blessing to me. I was looking for a solution. And I found it. I actually have hair growth in the crown of my head.
This product is a must have

THANK YOU- Liquid Vitamin D3 - 5000 iu - 180 days supply
Marilyn L.


They are wonderful supplements.

Hey people,for those with thinning hair, look no further, your solution to the problem is right here in this bottle of Folio Growth, taken along with DHT blockers I was able to notice a difference in about a month and a half to maybe two months, when my family and friends started noticing , I knew that I had found the solution to my insecurities,THINNING HAIR, I have been taking them faithfully for about three years with the same great results, trust me on this cause they definitely work, the best to ya .

I am on my second bottle and so far so good I'm excited to purchase my third

I had no hair in crown of my hair but since September with DHT I have nothing but new growth
Now along with the hair follicle I love it. I hope I can continue to purchase them

I’ve already finished the bottle but I could tell the immune support worked because my son was sick for over a week and I didn’t catch it.

This product helped me a lot with hair growth and it prevented hair loss as well! Totally recommend