Laser Hair Growth Helmet Best

September 24, 2019

The iGrow Laser is the latest in-home care laser technology for hair loss. This unit has truly evolved the laser hair regeneration home treatment program.

igrow laser regrow hair device igrowThe iGrow Laser is manufactured by the same company the produces the Revage 670 Clinical Laser therapy device. The Revage 670 has earned a place in the clinical world of the laser hair therapy and now the iGrow Laser assists the consuigrow at home laser treatmentmer by providing an at-home alternative to the clinical treatment.

Advanced Trichology recommends the iGrow Laser for those people who cannot attend clinical laser sessions and for post-treatment maintenance. This unit is affordable and endorsed by William Gaunitz, the creator of the Evolution System.

Save on Advanced Trichology products with Purchase of the iGrow Laser: call 480-222-4247 to find out if the iGrow is right for you.