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The Advanced Trichology At Home Hair Loss Treatment Programs are designed for those individuals who want a the best results from their hair regrowth program. The performance of our At Home Program is equal to or can exceed the results of a clinical program. These packages have been refined and perfected with 15 years of clinical experience. 

You may purchase a complete at-home hair regrowth product program or simply purchase as single product. With either purchase you get the support of the most experienced laser hair therapy clinics in the USA. Feel free to call us with any questions at 480-222-HAIR (4247) mon-fri, 8am - 6pm MST.    

How It Works 

Select what you are trying to achieve with your hair loss treatment program.

Good Package: Stop Hair Loss
Better Package: Stop Hair and Regrow Some Hair
Extreme Package: Stop Hair Loss and Regrow as Much Hair as Possible

Hair Growth Program

1. Good Package: Stop Hair Loss

To simply stop hair loss, you will be best served with selecting the Advanced Trichology HairStem Kit. It is affordable, powerful, and blocks more causes of hair loss than any other kit on the market. It is non-prescription and can be shipped your door within 24 hours. It also comes with our 6 month Satisfaction Moneyback Guarantee.



Hair Loss Treatment Product

2. Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Some Hair 

The next step in hair growth treatment is to treat your hair loss from the inside out. Because of this, the HairStem Kit is offered with our full Nutraceutical Line. All 3 internal products offer different Hair Growth advantages and contain products only offered by Advanced Trichology 

This is an excellent program for anyone who wants to may a noticeable difference in their hair loss quickly.




Hair Loss Treatment product vitamin and topicals

3. Extreme Package: Stop Hair Loss and Regrow as Much Hair as Possible 

If you are looking start a complete treatment to regrow as much hair as possible in 9 -12 month, you need the Advanced Extreme Hair Growth System!

The ELITE Extreme Hair Loss Treatment Kit combines the most powerful Advanced Trichology products to stop hair loss completely and produce a remarkable result in 6 - 12 months.This treatment program is what has produced our most incredible results for both men and women.

When used as directed, the LC Elite Laser used with the Complete Advanced Trichology Product System can produce very impressive results both short and long term. This kit contains the HairStem Hair Regrowth System, Detox Program, 3-Part Complete Nutritional Supplementation Line, and the LC ELITE 80 Diode Laser.
Get Started today with no risk. You are back with our iron clad 6 month guarantee.



Hair growth laser program

See Our Amazing Before and After Photos. We have been producing natural results since 2002

At Advance Trichology our core purpose to the get the best results for our clients. This simple philosophy has driven the success of our clinics and the amazing results of our clients.    You can see some of our incredible before and after photos as well as watch video interviews with our real clients the describe their treatment and results.



Before and After Hair Loss Treatment Photos


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