In Clinic Consultation with William Gaunitz - Carlsbad CA


Trusted by Trichologists worldwide for the best hair growth results guaranteed since 2002.


This is a 1 hour In-Clinic Consultation with William Gaunitz WTS. It requires the client to be present at the Carlsbad California location for the consultation.

During the consultation, William will take a detailed patient history, provide a complete microscopic scalp analysis an exam, provide an explanation of the reason for hair loss, and detailed description of treatment and product options to achieve hair growth goals.

During this consultation series of before photographs (microscopic and macroscopic) can be taken if needed for future scalp checks or phone follow-ups as a reference and hair growth results tracking.

When you visit William Gaunitz WTS in Carlsbad, you will be entering a completely private office to ensure total privacy. You will be meeting William Gaunitz WTS exclusively. This office is scheduled by appointment only. Be sure to bring any blood test or material to the appointment that you would like William to review.

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