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Since 2002, Advanced Trichology Has Been Regrowing Hair on Thousands of Men and Women. 

Advanced Trichology Products were developed inside Evolution Hair Loss Institute under the supervision of Trichologist William Gaunitz. Inside this totally unique environment, Evolution has treated thousands of hair loss patients with amazing success getting extraordinary results without surgery. The Advanced Trichology secret to success has been the unique opportunity to work directly with thousands of participants that time tested and streamline the product because of the one going testing and analysis.



Trichology Research

Research Lead to this Multi-Therapy Hair Loss Treatment System


William Gaunitz, WTS has been pioneering hair loss treatment one client at a time at Evolution Hair Loss Institute since 2002. He developed the Trifecta of Hair Loss Treatment which laid out in the "Get Real Hair Growth Results" ebook after watching thousands of his clients regrow hair.  This system is available in the Advanced Trichology full 5 Step Hair Loss Treatment.  



Advanced Trichology Gets the Best Results 

Most products focus on one type of hair loss or one modality of hair growth. Due to our unprecedented research and experience, we understand that you must attack hair loss from a multi-therapeutic complete system.

After years of using this Advanced System for Hair Growth we have collected hundreds of before and after photos showing exceptional progress typically in 6 to 12 months. Both men and women can typically regrow hair that has been lost in last 3 -5 year when using the complete system correctly.



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Find more about how you can treat your hair loss successfully and keep you hair for life! William Gaunitz' free eBook explains the Trifecta of Hair Loss Treatment and shows you what products that you need to use to get results for your unique situation.