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Find out how thousands of real patients using Advanced Trichology products were finally able to regrow their hair

The First and Only Nutraceutical Brand Accepted by the American Hair Loss Association.

The American Hair Loss Association is the oldest national nonprofit consumer advocacy group dedicated to educating the public about the emotionally devastating condition of alopecia (hair loss). For over 20 years, the AHLA has supported ongoing research and been dedicated to increasing awareness in the medical community. The AHLA is the industry’s leading consumer advocacy group and the most trusted name in hair loss. Advanced Trichology is proud to carry the AHLA seal, widely considered the gold standard in the hair loss industry.

“Advanced Trichology has a proven commitment to in-clinic research, customer care and quality. Advanced Trichology is the first dietary supplement brand to be awarded the American Hair Loss Association’s Trusted Brand status.”

American Hair Loss Association

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Men and Women
Lose Hair Differently

Choose below to learn more about
the science of hair loss

The Zone Method™

The Science of Trichology

The Zone Method(tm) is based on over 20 years of in-clinic experience with thousands of clients. Listen below as Founder, CEO and World Renowned Trichologist William Gaunitz explains how it works.


Take the Zone Hair Pull Test™

Simple Self Assessment

Most people don't understand that there are only three fundamental reasons for hair loss: DHT, Nutritional, and Inflammatory. These three core drivers of hair loss conveniently manifest hair loss in three zones on the scalp. Conducting a Zone Hair Pull Test™ will allow you to understand the likely drivers of your hair loss.

Zone Hair Loss


Blood Test by Zone™

Confirm your Hair Pull Test results

Once you know the likely cause of your hair loss after self-administering a Zone Hair Pull Test™ you might want to confirm this result using blood test. Advanced Trichology offers these blood tests that will identify the key biomarkers for each zone of hair loss.

Get a Blood Test by Zone™



Start a Regimen with Confidence

Take Products for Your Zone of Loss

Depending on the type of hair loss a custom protocol is developed and recommended. This typically includes a regimen of supplements critical to healthy hair growth.


Our hair loss treatment program has produced the most impressive results of any non-surgical hair loss treatment program at Evolution Hair Loss Institute and has proven successful for both men and women.

Take the Quiz

Find out Which Products will Be Best for you! Take the 10 Question Quiz Now for Customized Recommendations.