"Advanced Trichology Products and their clinics have the most comprehensive non-surgical laser hair therapy program currently available for reversing hair loss in both men and women."

-Dr. Gene Carsia, D.O.

Low Level Laser Therapy At Home

Laser Therapy is the first step in hair regrowth. When used correctly, Laser Therapy can double or triple the results from product alone. At Advanced Trichology we use the LC Elite 80 diode non-pulsing LaserCap for thicker and fuller hair. The LC Elite is the closest at-home device to our clinical laser and produces the best results in its class. 

See the LC ELITE 80 Diode Laser FDA 510k Cleared 

Complete Hair Care System

The Advanced Trichology 3 Part Stimulating HairCare System provides aggressive hair follicle protection with the HairStem shampoo, Scalp Therapy Conditioner, and a powerful Follicle Stimulating Spray. When you are able to perfectly cleanse your scalp with the right products every 24-48 hours, you are able to provide the most healthful environment for hair regrowth. 

See the 3 Step Hair Care for Hair Growth

Detox for Hair Growth

To regrow as much hair as possible, you need your body to be free of excessive chemicals and toxins that may be producing inflammation and watch for a lack of nutrient supply and hormonal inconsistencies. The Detox Kit for Hair Growth is a full 1 Month Detox Kit for the liver and kidneys specifically designed to assist in hair growth. In our clinics, every client on the Super Program goes through this detox. 

See the 1 Month Full Detox Kit for Hair Growth

Topical Scalp Serums

Nightly Topical Scalp serum applications allow your hair follicles to be greatly stimulated for 8-10 hours every day increasing growth dramatically. 

We use both a Non-Minoxidil Serum and Very Natural Minoxidil based Set of Topicals. Totally unique once daily 5% Minoxidil scalp formulas are proven to regrow hair and include ingredients that decrease microbials, reduce inflammation, and normalize the scalp.

For Thinning on the Top of the Scalp - Nutraviv Non Minoxidil Serum is recommended

For dramatic thinning where scalp is visible, the PM and PMB minoxidil Set is recommended. 

Complete Nutritional Supplementation

Most people who are losing hair are considered nutritional deficient for proper hair growth. Nutrients like Vit D3, iron, total B-complex are needed for proper growth. In addition, the appropriate herbs, minerals, and essential fatty acids in the correct quantities can significantly impact hair regrowth by controlling DHT, decreasing inflammation and restoring proper energy levels to the rapidly dividing cells of the hair follicles. 

See the Complete Hair Growth Supplement Line

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