The Program:

Our Advanced Trichology Influencer Program offers affiliates the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions while sampling world-class hair regrowth products. As an influencer, you will pay absolutely zero out-of-pocket costs while working with the leading U.S. hair regrowth company of 2020.

Additionally, you will gain valuable insight, referrals, and portfolio material to advance your affiliate, modeling, or influencer career. Our mission is to spread regrowth awareness to the over 64 million Americans who are suffering from hair loss. Hair restoration is a life changing opportunity.

By joining our team, you will help us achieve our goal while improving lives!

Be The Best, Commission lasts for 6 months!

Our influencers rank among the highest paid within the industry. As an influencer, you will earn commissions through our coupon and cookie tracking system, where each purchase made using your 10% off coupon code or link results in payment.

Typical affiliate programs limit influencer commissions with 30-day coupon and cookie policies. Our Advanced Trichology 180-day Policy, on the other hand, provides unprecedented earning potential through a drastically expanded purchasing timeline. We fully understand that audiences take time to make buying decisions - that’s why our policy has been adapted to maximize your earning potential.

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Do What You Do Best and Earn 10% Commission!

As part of the Advanced Trichology Influencer Program, we ask that you take a professional headshot with the products we send. or a great lifestyle product shot. The images are used for social media, website, and print promotional campaigns. You are highly encouraged to take additional photographs as you see fit. On your social pages, posts should include positive and upbeat phrases to highlight your experience. Lastly, hashtags should include the following: 


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