The Most POWERFUL Hair Loss Treatment System - 5 Therapies for Growth-old

The Advanced Trichology® Program is the most comprehensive system for hair regrowth available today. This totally unique hair loss treatment program allows the individual to not only stop hair loss, but regrow thicker hair in as little as 60 days. 


Powerful One Month Detox allows the body to clear stored toxins that improve hair growth and allow the other parts of the program to work better.

Nutritional Supplementation

Complete 3 Part Nutritional Therapy that synergistically works to promote rapid cell regeneration, resistance to toxins and DHT, and protect hair follicles from future damage.

Topical Scalp Serums

Totally unique once daily 5% Minoxidil scalp formulas are proven to regrow hair and include ingredients that decrease microbials, reduce inflammation, and normalize the scalp.

Complete Hair Care

3 Part Stimulating HairCare provides aggressive hair follicle protection with the HairStem shampoo, Scalp Therapy Conditioner, and a powerful follicle stimulating spray

Clinical Strength Laser Therapy

The LC ELITE by Advanced Trichology is FDA Cleared, clinically proven to improve hair thickness and density, and provides optimal result for nearly all hair types.

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