William Gaunitz speaks at International Association of Trichology Conference 2016

William Gaunitz speaks at International Association of Trichology Conference 2016

June 10, 2016

 William Gaunitz speaks at the international Association of Trichology Conference in 2016 regarding the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy for hair regrowth. In his dissertation, it provides a history of all of the laser therapy equipment in the United States as well as substantial clinical references in the best practices about how low level laser therapy should be used for for effective hair regrowth. Watch now!

Brief Transcription of William Gaunitz's speech:

"It is my experience that hair loss is usually a symptom of more than one factor. Unlike standard hereditary hair loss that is DHT related, most common hair loss cases that I see have elements of nutritional deficiency, toxic load factors, dietary or lifestyle issues, or improper hair loss treatment. Many or all of these things can make the situation worse. In some case manifest hair loss that wouldn’t have occurred from many years. I use many forms of hair loss treatment in my practice and products line. Mainly I focus on 5 main components. Those are:

  1. Detox
  2. Hair Care Products
  3. Topical Scalp Serums including Minoxidil
  4. Nutritional Supplementation
  5. Low Level Laser Therapy

Today I am going to talk about one of the components in particular and go into great detail. That component is Low Level Laser Therapy.

I have used low level laser therapy on nearly 95% of my clientele.  I have seen the clear limitations of laser therapy, as well as how to use it effectively. I have seen clients regrow 20 years worth of lost hair and I have people lose hair due to laser treatment due to overstimulation.  The reason for this variation is that laser does not block the underlying reason for the loss such as DHT, stress factors, toxic load, or nutritional deficiency. That is what the other steps are for." 

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