What Is Telogen Effluvium?

September 30, 2021

Hair loss was a hot topic in 2020 thanks to COVID. 


The core reason Advanced Trichology saw many experiencing hair loss for the first time – whether they had COVID or not – was due to a condition called telogen effluvium.


Telogen effluvium is a hair loss condition that is caused by a substantial trauma to the body physically or emotionally. In a telogen effluvium shed, the body forces the hair to the resting phase in one large movement rather than progressively over time.


You can lose up to 35% of your hair due to telogen effluvium from the trauma!


It's important to note that unless there is an underlying condition, most COVID-related hair loss is temporary and will likely return in 3-6 months.



Aside from telogen effluvium, if you had or currently have COVID, there are a few additional causes for your hair loss:


Due to the restrictions in blood flow and clotting issues related to COVID-19, they’re very well could be a mechanism of reduced blood flow to the hair follicles and it will starve out existing robust hairs causing a massive shed in anagen effluvium type scenario. If the clotting is reduced then blood flow may return to relative normal and hair may grow back


Starvation of the hair follicles by a reduction in nutrition in the blood supply to the hair. Due to the clotting factors and other respiratory problems, the demand and availability of certain key nutrients like serum iron and ferritin may be drastically altered while the virus is in full activity. Because of this, it is also possible that a reduction in the supply of iron or ferritin to the hair during the active virus may result in drastic shedding and hair loss. Assuming the individual can return to normal soon thereafter, there may be a full recovery made


Fortunately, Advanced Trichology founder William Gaunitz, WTS, has spent over 20 years researching different modalities to help consumers regrow their hair.


The Gaunitz Trichology Method allows someone to determine the type of hair loss they are experiencing and receive a bespoke regrowth plan. Every type of loss, including telogen effluvium, falls into three categories: nutritional, inflammatory, and hormonal.


William spoke with publications such as The KnotSHAPE, and YourTango all about COVID-19 related hair loss.


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