Thanksgiving - A special time, a special story

September 24, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and friends and to cherish every moment of it.  This holiday, with all the smells from the kitchen and family coming to visit, embed some incredible memories.

Recently, I was reading about a spiritual warrior named Huston Smith. This man has trained with Zen masters in Japan, camped with aborigines in Australia and dropped peyote with Native American shamans. He didn't just study religions; he lived them.  He was also responsible for introducing the Dali Lama to the west. But this story is not about his great spiritual achievements but rather about the toughest battle of his life, losing his youngest child to cancer. 

We wanted to share this story with you because of the power and the spiritual strength that his daughter possessed in dealing with death.  

The following is an excerpt from the story:

"Nobody wants to learn from a child how to die well, but I learned it from Karen," he said. 

Smith traveled around the world to study under some of the most famous spiritual masters. But it was his daughter who became one of his greatest teachers.

"She taught me nobility of spirit," he said.

He said Karen's courage continues to "console" and "guide" him as he draws closer to his furthest shore.

He can still hear Karen's final words as she slipped away in her bed.

"I hear the ocean," she said. "I can smell the ocean now."

To read this wonderful and heartfelt story please go here

...And from all of us here at Advanced Trichology we wish you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!