Secrets to Getting an Amazing Haircut

September 24, 2019

When dealing with hair loss it is important to set realistic expectations about the way your stylist/barber is cutting your hair. A great haircut can not only give a great shape to your facial features but it can also lessen the look of your hair loss.  

For example, Klaus Meine lead singer of the rock band Scorpions thinning top and afro-type sides during the '80s made his hair loss extremely noticeable.

describe the imageIn comparison, Judd Law has always kept a shorter and softer look creating more definition and attention to his face rather than his hair.

jude law hairstyle06Ariana Finlayson, from Real Beauty, recently wrote an article on some tips for both men and women on how to maximize the most out of your haircut.  To read the article in its entirety go here.