Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss: Causes and Treatment

September 24, 2019

Causes of itchy scalp and its relationship to hair loss:

Have you experienced itchy scalp and also noticed that you are losing hair in the itchy areas?Microbes

Have you noticed that your itchy scalp gets worse when you're in a more humid climate or when you are wearing a hat?

If so, you probably have a microbial overgrowth infection of the scalp.

Why does this happen? Is there anything that you can do to stop it?

Answer: Yes, the itchiness of the scalp is usually caused by an overgrowth of microbials on the surface of the scalp. These microbials can be fungus or yeasts. Both love to live in warm wet environments. This is why when you go to a more humid climate or it happens to be more humid on a given day, the itchiness will worsen.

Microbials also love sugar. Many people have noticed that when they consume foods containing high amounts of sugar such as fruits, candy, sweets, and enriched flours, their scalp itchiness gets worse.

Why does the itchy scalp happen in the area of (male and female) pattern hair loss?
Answer: Microbials again like to live in warm wet environments. The swollen sebaceous glands of hair follicles affected by pattern hair loss are a perfect habitat for these microbials. The glands can be swollen to up to 10x their size. The yeasts and fungus that live inside these swollen hair follicles also have an ongoing food source of blood sugar and cellular waste produced by the sebaceous gland.

So how do you resolve this issue?
Answer: Kill the microbes and shrink the sebaceous gland. This is easier said than done, but the HairStem kit by Advanced Trichology is the first line of defense against this issue.

The HairStem kit was specially developed to be Anti-Microbial and stop the future development of microbial colonies on the scalp. This is only the first line of defense. Improved diet and immune system recovery are the long-term answers.