How to control hair loss and extreme shedding?

September 24, 2019

Rapid shedding is usually caused by an assault on the immune system. This can be caused by a variety of external and internal sources such as stress, prescription drugs, antibiotics, excessive alcohol, marijuana usage, and bodily trauma.

The good news is that to control the shedding, the actions are the same.

1. Detoxification: 

A. Sweat- run, exercise, steam, simply get your sweat glands working. The same glands that are in your skin that manifest sweating are also in your hair follicles. By inducing rapid sweating you will flush the hair follicles that are being affected by the negative immuno-atmosphere. For extreme shedding, sweat daily... then drink plenty of water.

B. Decrease sugar consumption- sugar can feed negative inflammatory microbes in your skin and hair follicles. By decreasing sugar consumption, you will inadvertently decrease those inflammatory microbes. Remember, sugar comes in many forms. Flours, fruit, sweeteners (sorbitol counts), and milk (lactose) contain "sugar". Veggies, protein sources, and teas are recommended within the sugar reduction period. This dietary change may need to last a week or even months in some extreme circumstances.

2.Shedding control products:

C. Topical antimicrobials: inflammation caused by these microbes can be controlled by applications of antimicrobials nightly. The HairStem topical and haircare kit is the only hair care system that can achieve total antimicrobial suppression. Apply the PM and PMb topical alternating nightly and shampoo with the HairStem shampoo daily.

The alternating usage of the topical product kit decreases the chance of microbes on the scalp building a resistance to the treatment.

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