Hair Loss And Grey Hair Prevention With A Healthy Diet

October 07, 2019

If you knew that a healthy diet could prevent grey hair, would you change your eating habits? We keep being told that lifestyle and food intake are key factors in staying healthy and looking younger, but many of us just buy the food we like without analysing the contents to make sure we are consuming the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Greying hair often begins at age 35, and continues as we get older. By the age of 50, around half of the population has significant loss of colour.

Male baldness is a common problem and can start in the late twenties. The first stage is a receding hairline, then thinning on top of the head and the temples. Women can also suffer hair loss or thinning hair as they get older, or during pregnancy. Other causes may be anemia and stress, but whatever the cause, the results can be distressing and lead to a loss of self confidence.

Aside from hereditary factors, it is the quality of the body's blood that affects the thickness and colour of hair. So we should look at what we can do to maintain healthy blood, which will both benefit our health, and also help to maintain our looks.

Too much salt can damage the blood and raise your blood pressure, so avoid adding extra salt when cooking or at the dinner table. Crisps, snacks and processed foods generally contain high levels of salt. The guideline daily amount for salt is only 6g, so do look at labels on packaging to ensure you do not exceed this safe level.

The kidneys act as a filter to remove waste products from the blood, and also produce hormones that control blood pressure. Blood quality can be maintained by eating foods containing Iron, Folic acid, vitamins B12, and C. Seaweed, vegetables, grains, seeds (especially sunflower and pumpkin), and nuts are naturally rich in these elements, and you can also take vitamin supplements.

If you do go gray prematurely and decide to use a colour, it is best to choose one closest to your original shade, as this will suit your skin tone and look the most natural. By the age of 60, many women prefer to let nature take its course, revealing a full head of silver or white. This can look extremely glamorous with a good cut to suit the shape of the face, and removes the need to worry about frequent trips to the salon to touch up those roots!


By: Lin Parker. Author Lin Parker researches and reviews anti-aging beauty treatments and skincare products.