Advanced Trichology's EXCLUSIVE Breakthroughs

September 29, 2019

To date, Gaunitz has been attributed with developing 4 major breakthroughs in the hair loss treatment industry only offered by 

Advanced Trichology. 

1. Liver and Kidney detoxification - Gaunitz's first clinical discovery supported a theory established by Chinese and Indian cultures over 400 years ago. When Gaunitz first began his treatment process in the US, he noticed that a particular type of client was unable to achieve success or developed hypersensitivity due to excessive toxic load carried by the average American lifestyle. Through two combined natural methods of detoxification added to the original program, Gaunitz increased cumulative results by over 33%.

2. Light and Dark Haired cold laser treatment protocols - prior to the advent of this system blond-haired individuals suffered very mild results through laser therapy because of the lack of energy delivered to the reflective light hair pigmentation. Gaunitz discovered that by varying doses of energy in higher intensities, a dramatic positive response could be generated with no additional effort by the client.

3. Alternating single daily dose topical treatments - Until Gaunitz's breakthrough, conventional Minoxidil treatments such as the well-know brand Rogaine, resulted in minimal hair gains and with a 2 years maximum effectiveness life span. In 2007 Gaunitz developed two completely unique formulas that only required once daily applications that reduced the potential for six effects by 400%, increasing the life span of treatment indefinitely.

4. Elimination of micro-inflammation through use of natural antimicrobials - until 2009 Gaunitz had noticed that a small percentage of clients had noticeable micro-inflammation that was uncontrollable without the use of unsustainable and unsafe antibiotics. Through extensive testing, Gaunitz developed a completely safe and amazing effective anti-microbial treatment protocol that has boasted results to an entirely new level. Gaunitz has a patented pending on his latest discovery.