THANK YOU - Nutraviv Topical Scalp Serum - Minoxidil Free - 50mls 4-6 week supply



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Good for hair

Hair feels healthier and more hair falls

Awesome results

So a little background about my hairloss: I started thinning at temples at age 23 and i just turned 30. Hairloss has been very mild ( slightly noticable but not out of control) .I have been on minoxidil and multiple hairloss shampoos and oral otc supplements for 5 + years and have had decent results off that regimen. I definitely slowed down hairloss but haven't had too much regrowth. I have been on the Nutraviv syrum currently for 1.5 months along with my old regimen and I am having new regrowth on my temples and my hairline is coming back down !!! This syrum definitely helps with stopping hairloss and even regrowth!! Thank you for making a product that actually works ! At this rate I should have the thin spots on my scalp filled back in and hairline back to where it was when I was in my early 20s!

I love this line product

Three months ago I started with the DHT blocker then added the FoliGrowth and Nutraviv. I am seeing excellent results as far as thicker and better quality of my hair. I will continue to use this product

Follicare nutraviv scalp serum

This leaves my scalp feeling healthy and supple. It's being used in conjunction with the full spectrum of their products and after a couple months of use I'm pretty sure I'm seeing results including thicker growth in areas it was newly thinning near the hairline in back and sides, and I see nwhat looks like some new light fine hair growth developing in the crown where it has been bald and growing balder for a while. Time will tell but hopefully it is working and will grow my hair back some on my crown and front hairline too.

Too early to see results but it’s working

I gave it 4 stars just because it's too early to see results, but the shedding has significantly decreased after 2 weeks. I don't mind about the smell of the serum it dissipates in about 20-30 minutes I like the fact that it's not greasy as other serums.
After 3-4 weeks I noticed baby hair coming out which it's amazing.
It's important to mention that I'm also using DHT blocker and Foligrowth along with the serum. I will add the vitamin D drops to see if it helps with the progress of the treatment.
I'm starting with the second month and planning to update my review in the future.

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