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Postpartum Hair Loss Treatment Kit - Safe for breastfeeding


Start Reversing Your Post Partum Hair Loss Today with 2 Simple Steps

Postpartum hair loss is the sudden, more than usual, loss of hair around three months after giving birth. So you've had a successful childbirth. But now you've noticed clumps of your hair falling out! You begin to wonder if this is the effect of the stress of pregnancy, giving birth, and now of taking care of your baby. Or are you just going bald? 

Don't Worry.. this is where to Start

Many women who are Postpartum end up with some type of hair loss. Postpartum hair loss normally occurs 8 weeks after giving birth and will continue ongoing as much as 6-9 months afterward. On top of that, women who are in their 30’s and are already at their peak estrogen level and have actual genetic hair loss in the family or women with pattern loss. Oftentimes if left untreated, that hair loss can become permanent. 

The Post Partum Hair Loss Treatment Kit resolves both primary issues for hair loss following pregnancy. Both products are safe to use while breastfeeding. Kit includes. 

This kit is a 1 month supply of both products. The results should appear in as little as 6-8 weeks. 

90 Day Moneyback Guarantee

WARNING: Always wash your hands after applying the Nutraviv Scalp Serum before handling your children. 

Actually user photos after 6 weeks of use:

hair loss after baby

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