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Advanced Trichology® PM & PMb - Scalp Serum Topical Formula Pack

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The Advanced Trichology® HairStem PM and PMb Topical Formulas are the next generations of the once-daily Advanced Trichology Topical Formula Scalp Serums.  

Time Tested and proven effective, the Topical Scalp Serum Minoxidil Set boasts may unique qualities to assist in hair growth:

  • Decreases possibly of tolerance by rotating two different formulas
  • Contains No Propylene Glycol or harsh Solvents
  • Recommended to be used only once daily
  • Attacks hair loss from 4 angles (stimulate hair regrowth, decrease inflammation, decrease scalp bacteria fungus and parasites, decrease DHT)

Learn more about each product included:

PM Topical Formula - Minoxidil, Azelaic Acid and more  

Instructions for Application:

The goal of each application is to apply a small amount of Advanced Trichology® Scalp Serum to the entire thinning area. Be sure to apply your PM and PMb solutions nightly or otherwise recommended by your Certified Trichologist or medical professional.

Both formulas are unique and specifically formulated to work synergistically with the entire Advanced Trichology® Hair Regrowth Program.
  1. Apply to all areas of the scalp that you want to regrow hair.
  2. A typical application is 1 to 3 droppers full (1-3 ml)
  3. Massage the product into the scalp.

Application Schedule:

Step-by-step application instructions:

Step 1. Style your hair completely before applying the PM or PMb solution. At a minimum make sure your hair is toweled dry.
Step 2. Fill the dropper applicator with the product. Apply both PM/PMb solutions directly to the scalp, not your hair, covering the entire thinning area.
Instructions for those individuals with a large amount of hair in the treatment area
Alternate Step 1. Part your hair in several places over the thinning area.
Alternate Step 2. Apply the product directly to the scalp on the center of parted hair.
Step 3. Use your fingertips to lightly rub the solution into the scalp. Exact precision isn’t necessary, but an even distribution is recommended.
Step 4. Allow the solutions to be absorbed into your scalp for at least two hours before going to sleep at night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

I have been away so haven’t started yet

So far so good

I just start using it, I saw some results but i will have to wait to see how good it works.

I am very pleased with the PM and PMB serums.

I am very pleased with the PM and PMB serums. The ingredients support a healthy scalp and the minoxidil is an optimal dose. I would choose this over shelf brands any day.
Great product!

I appreciate Advanced Trichology PM and PMB serums because they do not have the chemicals contain...

I appreciate Advanced Trichology PM and PMB serums because they do not have the chemicals contained in over the counter Minoxidil products. I will continue to use Advanced Trichology products.
Thank you!

Brad's review

Love these products. I will continue to buy them

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