Derma-Iron Digestive Iron with Vitamin C and Collagen

Derma-Iron Digestive Iron with Vitamin C and Collagen



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Trusted by Trichologists worldwide for the best hair growth results guaranteed since 2002.

The First Iron Supplement for Hair and Skin


Clinically Studied Iron, Vitamin C, and Collagen for Hair and Skin. 


1.  Specifically designed for low iron and low ferritin related hair loss

2.  Easy on the stomach and low risk of constipation

3. Trichologist and Dermatologist Formulated 

4.  Manufactured in a GMPc and FDA Approved Facility

5.  60 count bottle (1 month supply)


Supports Iron levels of the Negative Impact of DHT on the Hair for both Men and Women.*

Derma-Iron plus Vitamin C and marine collagen are specifically focused on improving not only iron deficiencies but the health and beauty of the hair and skin due to decreased blood levels of iron and ferritin. This type of iron has demonstrated in clinical studies to be a safe and effective source of iron for treatment of iron deficiencies.


The Derma-Iron Advantage in Hair & Skin Health

The Role of Iron in Hair & Skin Health

Skin and hair cells are rapidly proliferating tissues within the body. As such, they require a balance between several micronutrients, including iron, zinc, and vitamins A through E [1]. Since iron is vital for hemoglobin formation, optimal oxygenation of hair follicles and skin cells depends on sufficient reservoirs of iron. 

The hair cycle involves four phases (anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen), which lead to rapid turnover of hair matrix and follicular bulb cells [2]. This cycle involves several iron-dependent processes, which influence the regulation of key genes. Similarly, iron is essential for skin cell turnover, homeostasis, and protection against excess reactive oxygen species [3].

How Iron Deficiency & Low Ferritin Affects Hair & Skin Health

Since ferritin binds to iron within the blood, low ferritin levels strongly reflect inadequate stores of iron within the body [4]. Clinical research suggests that serum ferritin levels should be at least 70 ng/mL for proper hair growth [1]. It is also well-known that iron deficiency is associated with elevated transferrin and total iron-binding capacity. 

Current research suggests that low ferritin levels are associated with hair loss, particularly female pattern hair loss, alopecia, and diffuse hair loss [5,6]. Multiple studies have also indicated that iron deficiency is a cause of telogen effluvium, a type of temporary hair loss during the telogen phase of the hair cycle [7,8]. In fact, one study that examined the effects of oral iron supplementation on the progression of telogen effluvium found that participants exhibited significantly decreased hair loss and increased serum ferritin levels [9].

Current Research on the Benefits of Derma-IRON 

By optimizing iron reserves within the body, Derma-IRON supports and maintains skin and hair growth, as well as overall wellness. This type of iron has been clinically researched to support skin and hair health with the following benefits.

Supports iron absorption - When compared to supplementation with standard ferrous sulfate, this type of iron was found to have two to seven times greater oral bioavailability through the gastrointestinal tract 

Low risk of constipation and gastric upset - Since this type of iron is fully chelated, non-ionizable, non-reducible, and fully soluble in water between a pH of 2 to 6, there is a low risk of constipation and other gastrointestinal adverse effects [11,12]. 

Low rate of food interactions - Due to the chemical structure of this type of iron, which partially prevents iron-phytate interactions, there is a low rate of interactions. Additionally, the fully soluble nature of this type of iron in a wide pH range allows for optimal absorption in the duodenum and the remainder of the small intestine [12].

    Additionally, the Derma-Iron supplement is fortified with vitamin C, which is essential for skin health since it supports lysyl hydroxylase and strengthens the collagen backbone [13]. For all-around support, Derma-Iron is enriched with collagen.

    The efficacy, safety profile, and low toxicity risk have led the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to support the use of this type of iron as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) [14,15]. 


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Direction For Use

    Take one capsule (1) once per day with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. 


    STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place until opening. REFRIGERATE after opening for best results.


    Vitamin C (as acerola fruit juice powder), Iron (as iron ferrous bisglycinate chelate), Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptide Powder

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    Since 2002 Evolution Hair Loss Institute and Advanced Trichology Products have been providing exceptional customer service and exceptional results. Our goal is your satisfaction. That is why we offer our 5-star 90-day risk-free guarantee.

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