Glandular Ferritin 5mg - High Absorption - 60 count

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Glandular Ferritin 5mg - High Absorption - 60 count

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Advanced Trichology Ferritin Bioavailable Iron Capsules contain a powerful formula that delivers 5 milligrams of ferritin‚ the key protein responsible for iron storage in your body. This supplement also provides iron‚ the essential mineral‚ in its most bioavailable form for easier absorption.

The ferritin in this exclusive formula is a natural derivative of the bovine spleen. Unlike many other iron supplements‚ Ferritin Bioavailable Iron doesn’t cause negative side effects‚ such as nausea and GI tract upset.


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What is Biotin? Does it matter in treating hair loss?

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Customer Reviews

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Karin S.

My hair loss has been going on consistently for more then 6 years. When I finally found a Dr that diagnosed my low ferritin, I was receiving Iron IV’s. I’m not sure that helped, and knew I needed ferritin but I couldn’t find it anywhere!
Now that I’ve been able to purchase, my hair loss has at least slowed…



Lara M.

LOVE Advanced Trichology products. I've been using them for nearly three years now. The ferritin is very hard to find in this bovine form - very beneficial if you are looking at increasing specifically that in your iron panel. Also, their PM and PMB minoxidil is Propylene Glycol free which is really important and also equally hard to find. And, his DHT blocker - is amazing which includes many important vitamins including B12 and prebiotic. You can't go wrong having a consultation with him! He is very knowledgeable and has the best products on the market or hair loss!

Felicia M.

Cannot tell how this is helping my hair at the moment.Still on the first bottle.

Lara M.

For folks experiencing hair loss, there are a number of factors, one of which is low ferritin. If you have low ferritin, this is the absolute BEST product out there. Believe me, I've researched it! It is the most natural ferritin you'll find made from bovine. Iron supplements and ferritin are two different things, so your best bet is to get your labs done and have a consultation with Dr. William! He's awesome and really knows how to get to the "root" of your problem! Thank you and don't stop making this product! It never upsets my stomach! Thanks! Lara

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